Web Developers and What They Do

Web Developers make Websites. They look at the technical aspects of the website like performance and traffic. Mainly Web Developers write code for a website (HyperText Markup Language or HTML being the most popular language to write in ), meet with others to discuss the website design and functionality, work with Graphic Designers to determine how the website will look, etc. Most web developers juggle all aspects of a website's construction, but there are specialized jobs being a web developer like Webmaster and Web Designers.

Work Environment for Web Developers

Some Web Developers work at home, about 25%, whereas others work in offices; most web developers work full time. The list shows the breakdown of different fields that web developers have jobs in.

Education and Important Qualities

The education of a web developer can vary with the higher end being a bachelor's degree and the lower end being a high school diploma. The typical education of a web developer is an associate's degree. Web developers must have knowledge of at least one coding language, preferably 2 languages. Web Developers must keep up to date with new languages. Some important qualities or skills include concentration, creativity, and being detail oriented.

Pay and Job Outlook

The median pay for Web Developers is $62,500. The lowest 10% of web developers are paid around $33,550, where as the top 10% make around $105,200. The employment of web developers is expected to grow, up to 20%, which is better than the average for other occupations. Some jobs may move out of the US and low paying areas in the U.S due to cheaper labor costs.


HTML is one of the primary languages used to create websites. Its format consists of tags that wrap around pieces of text to edit and change different aspects. Browsers are used to read HTML and process the infomation. Each update to HTML added to the depth of its capabilities. An example of this is the HTML 3.0 update, which gave images, headings, and tables. HTML 5 being the most current update.

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